Rositsa Bakalova

Rositsa Bakalova is a designer of digital images, which are mainly used at her tapestry school.

She has been awarded numerous awards: “Golden Star” from the International Business Center in Madrid, “Business Lady of 2005”, certificates from “Made in Bulgaria” exhibitions, “Intellectual Leader” for 2017 and 2022, EMBLEMICAL PERSONALITY of Sofia. She is included in two almanacs: “Remarkable Bulgarian Women” and “Remarkable Bulgarians of Modern Bulgaria”.


Through her author’s collections and with more than 20 years of experience, Rositsa Bakalova is recognized in her native Bulgaria and in various countries around the world – England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Finland, Greece, Romania, Hungary, the USA, Russia, Ukraine, etc. During her long career, she has developed over 500 models of designer digital images and countless collections, the most popular of which are: Bulgarian khans, princes and kings, Bulgarian folk costumes, Traces of the centuries and Remarkable Bulgarians, Modernism, The world in tapestries, Still life, Icons and etc.


The motto of her tireless work and countless achievements is “To preserve Bulgarian roots!”

The digital image “Marigolds in Bulgarian Copper” transformed into a tapestry adorns the bedroom of Queen Paola of Belgium.

Art lovers from different parts of the world own her works and follow with interest her collections.

Her masterpiece, of which she is extremely proud, is the digital image transformed into a tapestry “Rachenitsa” by Mrkvichka. The work is the only one in the world with its 17 images and is a worthy competitor to “The Last Supper” with 13 images.

 Rositsa Bakalova continues to enrich her collections and dreams of seeing the world through the digital images of world landmarks recreated in tapestries in the “The World in Tapestry” collection.

Author of the texts for the collection: Bulgarian National Costumes, Professor Nikolay Nikov,

professor of ethnology, doctor of music and dance art, art critic, scientific supervisor of the National Folklore Ensemble “Bulgare”.

Guest lecturer at: Odesa State University – Ukraine, Moldova and Kazakhstan, Russia, Malta, Turkey.

He is the author of 12 books in five languages, including “Folklore on the Stage”, “Folklore in Maiden dances”, “Herbal Recipes”, “Healing with Bee Products”, “Bulgarian Holidays with Legends and Traditions”, as well as more of 600 popular science articles. He participated in international symposia and congresses in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Macedonia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, etc.

Chairman of the Association for Education, Culture and Art – Sofia.

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of the Organization of the United Bulgarians and Commissioner for Spiritual Unity, Culture and Cultural-Historical Heritage.

Rector of the International Academy of the United Bulgarians – Sofia, Bulgaria.

Member of the Advisory Council to the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad to the Council of Ministers.

Jury at International and National Festivals at CIOFF-UNESCO, Bulgaria.

Bulgarian National Costumes