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"Angelic Presence"

The symbolism of the picture unfolds the purity of the innocent child's soul. The predominant white colors emphasize the innocence and beauty that the angel's figure and childlike presence carry within them. The floral elements add a touch of positivity.

"Spring Shivers"

The symbolism of the painting reflects the new beginning, spring, freshness and innocence. The blossoming spring tree and the maiden underline the overall idea of the soul blooming like spring and awaiting the meeting with its first love. Predominant light colors contribute to a positive attitude and belief in true love.

"I am Coming Home"

The symbolism of the picture is related to the purity of our thoughts and the positive attitude that we ourselves must set in ourselves to improve our lives. Despite the rain and bad weather, the beautiful woman is happy to have the love meeting she dreamed of. With this symbolism, the power of positive thinking is recreated. Rain is a symbol of purification and ennoblement of consciousness.

"Lavender Morning"

The symbolism of the painting reflects the dreaminess and romance in the human soul. Through the colors and elements used in it, it is emphasized that the power of our dreams is limitless. Lavender is a symbol of devotion and is believed to bring good luck and ward off envy and evil forces. In the ancient world, lavender had great religious and cultural significance.


In a remote and quiet forest cabin, away from the city noise, lived a beautiful geisha with a pure and unadulterated heart. She immersed herself in the mysterious nature of the forest, where the trees whispered their secrets and the river sang a gentle melody. With each new day, she enjoyed the freedom and immense possibilities of the secret and unique world she found herself. One evening, while walking along the river bank, the geisha noticed a beautiful boat entwined with magical stones, and on top of which stood a small pagoda. Her heart beat faster because she felt this was more than just a boat. She approached it for a closer look, and at that moment, gentle waves suddenly appeared and carried her to the boat. She smiled and let the water take her to an unknown place. The boat floated through the beautiful expanses of the sea, where the sun reflected on the water's surface and created a play of light. The geisha felt all the elements of nature - water, air, and light - intertwined with her essence. Each exciting moment took her further into the unknown. Her heart blazed with indescribable energy and life. At the end of this journey of discovery and experience, the boat arrived at the shore of an unknown island. She got off the magic boat and looked at the world around her. The sun fell on her and covered her in warmth and softness. The geisha realized that this was the place where the "Heart of Flame" found its home. The island was nameless because each heart that discovered its connection with it gave the island its name. The geisha decided to call the island "Paradise Port." It became where every heart could find inspiration and peace and generate creativity and love. The geisha spent her days on this island. She held a free soul who carried the eternal flame of love and passion.

"After the Show"

The symbolism of the painting is in the hidden beauty of hard work through which one follows one's dreams. Expressed also in external beauty, it emphasizes that only with persistence and will, everything beautiful and valuable can be achieved. Predominant white colors symbolize goodness and purity of consciousness on the way to success.


The painting symbolizes man's desire to escape from "bad" and immerse himself in his own beautiful and dreamy world. The sea purifies and frees the mind, the white color of the dress emphasizes the positive attitude towards the world and surrounding situations. The shore is constancy and the sea is change.

"For You"

The picture symbolizes the end of a long journey, which awaits us at the end with flowers as a symbol of success and light as a symbol of faith and happiness. The wheel is a symbol of transformation in a person's life, of everything that is cyclical and that brings movement. The wheel is seen as an emblem of beginnings and endings, of the cycles of the sun and moon, of the seasons, and of the paths of personal and spiritual development through which we pass.

Author of the collection: Yovka Mechkarova