Mariyana Miletsova

Mariyana Miletsova is an innovative and talented artist who independently founded the Soul Art Gallery in the heart of Plovdiv.

By creating the gallery, she is building an environment where abstract artists can share inspiration, creativity and be part of a particular community.

Over time, it became a unifier of different artists and their ideas.

Her passion for abstract art motivates her to create works distinguished by specific symbolism, invigorating, thought-provoking, and have their style and high class.

Colors, energy, chakras, and soul intertwine in the paintings, affecting the inner state of any connoisseur who owns or observes them.

Mariyana Miletsova uses various techniques and materials to express her creativity, experimenting with different textures, layers, and drips that create unique and picturesque effects on the canvas.

Her works are full of bright colors and dynamic compositions, causing wonder and admiration and enjoying international success.

Her paintings are owned and appreciated by several famous people.

Inspired by nature, energy, and soul, the artist conveys her inner emotions in the works, including meaning and symbolism.

In conclusion about her work, she creates a space where colors, shapes, and energies merge to create magic.

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