What is WEB3?

The web space has been constantly evolving over the years, passing through Web1 – an early version, Web2 – the current version, and reaching the Web3 or Web3.0 level.
Web3 is an idea, a vision, and a movement for a decentralized network that is nearly free of centralized third-party intermediaries.
This feature essentially sets it in favor of the user’s data privacy and also makes it more user-centric.
Developed technologies in the WEB 3 space such as NFT, Metaverse and Crypto mark the beginning of innovations in the digital world.

What is blockchain and what is NFT?

Blockchain – Blockchain is a decentralized system, a chain of blocks, that is used to store and transfer information.
Put another way, Blockchain is a shared digital ledger or database of financial transactions that are recorded on multiple computers in different locations around the world. Due to the fact that this database lacks a central location, it is less vulnerable to hacker attacks.
A blockchain is a method of storing information on a computer network that is a constantly growing list of computer records called “blocks” linked together and encrypted cryptographically.

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” and is a blockchain-based cryptographic token.
Each NFT has unique properties and cannot be replicated. The advantage of NFT is that it has the property to prove the ownership and origin of digital items such as images, video files and even physical assets.
Since these digital assets are not fungible, it is impossible for one NFT to be equal to another.
Sometimes non-fungible tokens are used to represent real-world items – paintings, real estate, music, and collectibles.

How do NFTs work?

NFTs are based on blockchain technology that provides a decentralized ledger recording transactions and ownership details.
This transparent and immutable nature allows the ownership history of NFTs to be clearly traced. This confirms the authenticity and legitimacy of the NFT.

Who can create NFTs?

NFTs are very attractive to businessmen, collectors, artists, athletes, musicians, top brands and etc.
Non-fungible tokens / NFT / are created, sold and exchanged as digital items.

Who can create NFTs?

NFTs are very attractive to businessmen, collectors, artists, athletes, musicians, top brands and etc.
Non-fungible tokens / NFT / are created, sold and exchanged as digital items.

Why are NFTs gaining popularity?

NFT represents a uniqueness that cannot be duplicated. This is because of blockchain technology, which ensures that each NFT is unique and unrepeatable.
With the increasing use of technology and Internet, more and more people have started creating and publishing digital art. NFT allows these creators to sell their works and receive revenue for them.
Many see NFT as an investment asset that can bring them profit in the future. Therefore, many people buy NFTs as a way to invest their money.
Lots of celebrities are selling NFTs for millions of dollars. This attracts people’s attention and increases the popularity of NFTs.
NFT is gaining ground and popularity because it can be used to sell unique digital works and represents a new way for people to invest their money.

What are the biggest platforms for selling NFTs?

1. OpenSea – this is the largest platform for selling NFTs. Here you can find different types of NFTs including games, collectibles and etc.

2. Blur – this is one of the most popular NFT platforms at the moment, which currently generates the largest turnover in the NFT industry.

3. Nifty Gateway – This is a platform for selling NFTs which is extremely popular among artists and art collectors. Here you can find unique NFTs from famous artists.

4. SuperRare – This is a platform for selling NFTs that is aimed at artists and art connoisseurs. Here you can find unique NFTs created by famous and unknown artists.

5. Rarible – This is an NFT selling platform that is very easy to use and allows anyone to create, sell and buy NFT.

How can I buy and sell NFTs?

NFT can only be bought and sold using cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency is a digital currency protected by cryptography, making it impossible to counterfeit or double spend.

Why is it important to have a good marketing and strategy to sell your NFTs?

There are various platforms for buying and selling NFT projects in which numerous competitions prevails.
In order for a project to be popular and successful, it shall reach a maximum audience, have a good presentation, have a built community and good communication with users.

Why is it important to employ the assistance of a digital manager to look after our NFT career?

In order to fulfill the goals of an NFT project such as sufficient recognition, good representation, strong interest and the possibility of monetization of its creators, it is important to have an agency that has the know-how, develops your strategies and maintains the image and relationship with your audience.

What are the NFT market volumes?

The volume of the NFT market is constantly increasing and is expected to achieve significant growth in the future.
Although the NFT market is a new industry, it has already reached significant proportions.

According to CoinMarketCap, the total value of the NFT market at the end of September 2021 is over $20 billion.
This includes the value of NFT works sold as well as the market value of NFTs that have not yet been sold.

Forecasts for the growth of the NFT market are very optimistic. Some forecasts expect the market size to grow to $500 billion by 2024.

Although the NFT industry is still new, it is a fast-growing market that provides huge opportunities for artists and investors.

Who is a potential NFT owner and who can create their own NFTs?

If you have your own brand, if you are a celebrity, if you are a musician or an artist, you can create your own NFT and NFT collections.
A potential buyer can be anyone interested in art, new technologies, trading through blockchain, collecting, investing, supporters of popular personalities, teams, brands.

Why is it good to create an NFT?

NFTs can help you build a strong identity for your name or brand and connect with your customers in an innovative way, as well as build new communities and a strong presence in the digital space.

Why is it good to own NFT?

We live in a time of innovation and constantly evolving technology. Owning NFTs can have many benefits.
The main advantage is the preservation of the value of the holder’s money. NFTs are collectible, can be used as a means of payment, can be used in the Metaverse as proof of ownership, are often used in the gaming industry. Some NFTs bring passive income, they can be resold for a higher value. By owning NFT you become part of special communities where you can exchange experiences and communicate.

Can I use a consultation if I have already created NFT projects, but I want to improve them and use marketing services for promotion?

Each NFT project can benefit from consultation and guidance.

Monetization and Royalty Fee

Each author can determine the value of their work and change the price in a timely manner according to market changes.

Royalty is a type of economic compensation corresponding to the use of a product subject to copyright or intellectual property. In the technology and communications markets with NFT Royalties are established as a percentage of the sale.
They are variable remunerations that depend directly on the sales operation performed.
For each NFT resale on the platforms, the author receives a percentage Royalty fee.

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