We are experts in digital marketing and PR, blockchain and NFT. We created this agency to help artists, talent people and brand owners rediscover the opportunities that the NFT industry can give them.


We have learned that NFT consulting shall be flexible, innovative, creative and supported by a lot of technological know-how, and that is exactly why we are a team that has everything you need to manage your creativity.


If you are an artist or musician and want to turn your work into an NFT

If you are a brand, celebrity or influencer who desires to enter the NFT community and grow

If you are a collector and would like to create an NFT portfolio


If you need marketing or development of your NFT project

We want you to know that

You can make good money from art and we are here to prove it!


It is important to know that any physical object or digital file can be converted into an NFT, such as a piece of art, a piece of music, or a copyrighted photograph.


Although the access to NFTs may not be restricted, which means that someone can download the same piece of art that someone paid millions for and pass it off as their own.


In this case, having a digital certificate of ownership is the only major privilege.

For this reason, NFTs add value to artworks created in digital space in the same way that physical artworks are bought and sold and you are protected for your copyright.

We work only with the original authors of the works and do not tolerate plagiarism.

We require proof of ownership and pre-research the artists we represent.

We offer the possibility to potential and actual buyers of NFT projects that we represent and manage to receive the physical work with the purchase of the digital image as a compliment and added value to their purchase / in cases where the artist also agrees and is able to provide an original or copy/


We strive to be industry leaders and provide our clients with high quality services to help them succeed in the infinite world of NFT!